Interns: Leanne Joyce

cck team 2012 leanne joyceWhat internship did you do?

Journalism & Editorial Internship, March 2012 to September 2012 (long-distance)

Overall satisfaction: Happy (4 out of 5)

I would definitely recommend an internship with CCK if you are looking for to see the difference you can make, be appreciated and instantly welcomed into a family all working towards creating something great for the community. You aren't working for CCK, you are working with them. Being so involved as an intern is such a rare opportunity, and I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to do so.

I am not based in London, so the internship did require a high degree of flexibility and committment on both parts. I was grateful to be trusted to manage myself and do the placement well despite the distance and holding down a part-time work (something which would immediatly take me out of the running with most other organisations)!

What exactly did you do?

Here is my timesheet here and here is my internship month by month.

How did you get round to doing an internship with us?

With the realisation of having graduated nearly two years previously, and still no closer to finding a job that I not only really wanted but actually had relevant experience and qualifications for, I decided to explore different options to reach my goal. Whilst attending a publishers' networking event, it became increasingly clear that the only way I was going to progress was to get work experience. Having spent three years at university knowing this but ignoring it in the hope that I would just walk straight into a paid job, I knew I had to do something. After a bit of a panic, I logged into StudentJobs, as good a place to start as any and began my search for something that would give me an opportunity to develop. However, it wasn't just about improving my chances of employment. It was also a chance to develop as a person, to learn new skills, step out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I wanted a challenge, a new focus in my life, and I found all these opportunities at Coffee, Cake and Kink.

Because I was restricted by work and distance, I ended up doing a phone interview sat in my car on my lunch break, BLT sandwich resting on my lap and anxiously waiting for the phone call.

The second stage of the interview was completely different to all my expectations. I found the building quite unexpectedly, being pretty sure I was lost and it just appearing out of nowhere. I made my way up the many flights of stairs, instantly realising how unfit I was! Filled with nerves, I quickly relaxed and almost immediately felt at home. It was no longer about just getting work experience, it was about helping to develop and be involved in something pretty special. I was very pleased to hear I was offered the internship, and already was thinking of all the new things I would learn about and discover during my time at CCK.

Was the internship represented correctly?

Mostly as described. The internship was what I expected and more. The description of the internship was professional, thorough and quite clear what was expected of me as an intern. However, there was a lot more to it than I had initially anticipated. It wasn't just about writing - although that was a big part of it! Although advertised as an internship, I was made to feel like a very important member of the CCK team, and had just as much input and say as the founders.

How would you rate internship induction?

Smooth, efficient and reassuring. The internship induction was executed really well. I went from having a second interview to being inducted on the same day - not something that usually happens in the workplace! It was all very clear and the internship documents really helped me understand what was to come during the internship.

What, specifically, did you learn? What is most valuable?

What this internship gave me was more than just experience as a writer. I learnt how to develop a website, talk my way into getting free stuff (a great perk of being a journalist!), how to move beyond a conventional understanding of things. I learnt that sometimes logic goes out the window and I definitely appreciate good project management. I have also learnt a lot about myself - I have dealt with situations and subjects that six months ago wouldn't have even been on the horizon, so I am grateful that CCK has exposed me to a whole variety of things.

How much did you enjoy the internship and why?

Very enjoyable indeed. I enjoyed the internship a lot more than I was expecting to. What started as something that had to be done in order to improve my chances of getting the job I wanted, turned into something I wanted to do and looked forward to leaving work so I could work on CCK projects. It definitely helped to have great people to work for and with. Everyone was so welcoming which really helped.

How did you find home and flexi-working?

This was actually very beneficial for me, as I am not based in London so my commuting time to the CCK office was 2 hours. Luckily, we came to a mutual arrangement where I mostly worked remotely from home, and this meant I could work around a full time job. Coming up to London for editorial meetings was always something I looked forward to, as it was always good to see everyone and be able to bounce ideas off each other.

What did you find particularly beneficial?

The flexi-working was definitely the most beneficial aspect of the internship. If it wasn't for the flexibility in when I could do my hours, I wouldn't have been able to continue with paid employment and the internship so I am very grateful for this. 

Overall, how well did the internship meet your expectations and why?

Very well. I expected a lot from the internship after the first and second interviews, and that is what I got. It also exceeded my expectations as I was a bit worried I would be designated tea and coffee maker (I actually had most of them made for me!) and not get to do anything very important, but right from the beginning I was given tasks that were important in the creation of the new CCK website. 

How has the internship assisted with your career prospects?

It has been an interesting point of discussion in interviews! I feel a lot more confident in applying for jobs having completed a six month internship as it has broadened my skill set and opened access to a whole new range of jobs for me.

What next? 

Now that I have completed the Journalism internship, I am going to begin an Editorial internship with CCK. I have really enjoyed my time at CCK and want to develop my editorial skills as editorial work is a career I would like to persue.