About Us

10-yr Community Consultation

cck pr timeline 2014 consulation After a decade of waving the kink flag, it's time to review how we can best fulfill our mission of helping to create a more open-minded and inclusive society, going forward.

A community consultation takes place to this effect, resulting in a review of our direction.

We discuss as a community whether we should continue trying to bring Coffee, Cake & Kink back to the high street, or instead help launch CCK2 as a new, inclusive brand.

Since going online in 2009, we have continued as the UK's only kinky social enterprise, blazing a trail through mainstream structures.

Still, the "k-word" has done us no favours in our attempts to get back onto the high street, with allergic reactions from most prospective landlords, and a review is in order.

Practically all vote in favour of the new proposed way forward, the support of the kinky community for CCK2, and the new direction for Coffee, Cake & Kink.