The Second Decade

cck pr timeline 2014 redirectionWith CCK2 about to launch on the high street, we announce a new directon for Coffee, Cake & Kink and our priorities as of 2014/2015.

Going forward, we shall be:

1) Voice for the Kink Community

From the start, we have acted as a voice for the kink community, a bridge to/from the mainstream and a signpost for people looking to explore their splendid alternative selves. We will continue to do so by providing direction and information, and waving the kinky flag where it counts.

2) Trainer & Educator

Both on the subject of kink, and in more general terms. With over 100 staff to date, we have an excellent HR record, combining kink-focused employment with quality internships and a range of key partnerships. We intend to keep surprising non-kinky audiences with it, and placing the k-word in the unexpected context of mainstream Best Practice (our way to challenge preconceptions!)

3) Accessibilty & Inclusion Campaigner

In addition to making kink accessible as a lifestyle, we are passionate about promoting all manner of physical access to kinky and kink-friendly spaces. No active kinky cross-disability groups exist in London that we know of, and no physical place that explicitly caters to a range of disabled people of non-standard sexualities. We intend to help remedy this and have a number of accessibility projects coming up.

Should an opportunity to re-establish the original Coffee, Cake & Kink on the high street materialise, we shall certainly look at it.

In the meantime, we shall get on with other projects, as per the above!