Coffee, Cake & Kink Events

cck pr timeline 2015 river darkWith the Fifty Shades craze all around us, it can be hard to tell fiction from reality. At the end of the day, it's not about what Mr. Grey and Miss.Steele get up to - it's real people that count.

New to the lifestyle and intrigued by it? Get a proper insight into the realities of BDSM relationships.


Been around a while? Explore these little-discussed and at times challenging topics with River Dark, an international BDSM writer and educator on her flying visit to the UK.

We have wrapped up the workshops with a scrumptious dinner, for a perfect combo of learning and a fun evening out. The all-inclusive package gets you a 3-course dinner, unlimited artisan coffee, speciality teas, soft drinks, hot chocolate... and the workshops!

We expect a mixture of couples and single individuals. All events will be in a safe, public coffee house environment, with small groups gathered around a kitchen table for the sharing of stories and learning.


14 March: "The Top and the Art of Topping: The Devil is in the Details"

What is a bottom looking for in a Top? It is the flavor of the Top, not the specific skills, that is the main drawing power – and the glue that holds all the Top's talents together. Archetypes, voice, body language, pacing, and scene construction are some of the things that will be explored.

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21 March: "The Care and Feeding of the Top: Now that you've caught one, how do you keep them?"

We all want to think of our Tops/Dominants as invincible gods, but the fact is they are very human. It takes two to maintain the power and the confidence of a good Top. We look at the psychological pressures of being a Top, how to support and encourage our Tops, and how to get bottoms' needs met without moving out of the bottom space.

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28 March: "When it's Not Just Fun and Games: Playing on the Dark Side"

What about when it's not "fun" and when it does not feel "good" ? Is it ok for a Top to inflict pain purely for their own pleasure? Can training be about forging the person into what you want them to be? In this workshop we explore the darker side of BDSM that does not fit the generally accepted rhetoric of "safe, sane and consensual", where punishment is not funishment and where safewords are optional.

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