"Spiritual Space" Christian evenings

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"Spiritual Space", a monthly meeting for Christians of all denominations, starts at Coffee, Cake & Kink. Led by Father Alex (Church of England), the group focuses on discussion and exploration of spirituality and particularly, though not only, the Christian faith, in relation to alternative lifestyles. In the course of the first evening, Alex binds an old, leather-bound copy of the Bible with bondage rope, and encourages participants to slide into it cards describing their personal faith issues; it is never to be unbound, with all individual prayers to be given to God. The Bible lives at CCK for a number of years, and is accessible to all asking for it. Combining discussion and prayer, "Spiritual Space" is an exceptionally rare project aimed at helping people become whole, and work out the clashes between their spirituality and sexuality while being fully supportive of both. The little-known event raises numerous eyebrows, while attracting a wide range of people, who sometimes travel considerable distances to attend. For many, it is of enormous support and transformational power, and has continued at various venues since 2005.