My Internship: Jenni

Month 1 : First Steps (Satisfaction 4 / out of 5)

My first month at CCK has been exciting, busy, and even more exciting.

I've always been wary of internships after hearing horror stories about 3 months of making coffees, piles of photocopying and not much else. At CCK I have been treated in a very different way - I've been trusted, given responsibility and allowed to put forward my own ideas.

Being the Marketing and PR Intern at Coffee, Cake and Kink is something that I'm finding challenging and fulfilling. Creating a development plan has allowed me to implement my own ideas that fit with the CCK brand.

My favourite part of the programme so far? - Being given the chance to work with some fantastic people who believe in me, nurture my development, appreciate the potential I have to benefit the business, and trust my abilities. Sonia and Alana's belief in me has increased my belief in myself, which is something I didn't anticipate as part of the this internship.

Despite being busy, I have never enjoyed "work" more. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

Month 2 : Settling In (Satisfaction 4/5)

My second month with Coffee, Cake & Kink has been busy and exciting! The build up to Christmas and the Ray Leaning Campaign have been two important projects that have been a big learning curve for me.

I have enjoyed the buzz and excitement in the office that have been associated with these campaigns. Despite finding both these projects hugely challenging, because I have never been involved to such an extent with marketing campaigns - I have relished the challenge and loved being given the opportunity to run with my ideas and take ownership of projects like this.

The busyness and urgency in internship projects this month has been something I've found especially exciting. At times this has been almost overwhelming, but I feel I have coped quite well with this. There are moments where I know I haven't succeeded with projects, but this has shown me my weaknesses and allowed me to see areas I need to work on in the rest of my time with CCK.

I find the limited amount of hours per week I have to devote to my Marketing and PR activities with CCK has been something that has been trying at times, because I often feel like there is more to accomplish than I am able to. However, I am being to see that this is often a problem that is encountered in business and is something that has to be factored into decisions. I am fast realising that prioritising is a fundamental skill that I need to refine.

Overall, I have enjoyed my second month with CCK. I have really enjoyed the campaigns I have worked on, and loved working closely with Alana coming up with exciting things to do. I really appreciate the freedom I have been given, and the confidence that everybody has shown in me and my abilities to produce professional campaigns. I just hope that my next few months will be as rewarding.

I also hope that I can improve and make sure everything I do in the rest of my internship will show my progress and reflect the increasing passion and belief I have in the CCK brand.

I've loved being so busy and having so many things going on but it's been slightly overwhelming at times! I do know this is because of the time of year it has been, and I'm looking forward to having time to reflect on everything that's happened in the last 2 months and seeing what I've learned and what I can improve on next time!

Month 3 : Had to give up, unfortunately

Month 4 : Not here...

Final Review

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