Interns aren't slave labour. Nor do we need any (we have more than enough wannabees!). That, in essence, is our take on the matter, and our internships reflect that.

Building on the success of the Future Jobs Fund in 2010, CCK internship programme launched in 2011/2012 and we continue to offer a small number of highly focused placements which combine one-to-one training with the requirement for self-motivation and organisation.

As you are not an employee, you have a complete (though negotiated) control of both your tasks and your work time, and can manage a placement around your existing committments or university work as you see fit.

Our interns would typically come in once a week or so, and work remotely and flexibly from wherever suits - as befits the 21 century - for rest of the time. This necessitates both responsibility and discipline and check-ins as required - once a week, or once an hour!

If your are coming to, or commuting to, London you are also likely to have a much better time here than it might be possible otherwise. As long as things get done, we firmly believe in having fun, and when better than when you study / have just graduated? To give you an example, if you are on a 15-hr a week internship, and chose to schedule your work on Monday and Tuesday, you can have a blast/travel etc. for the rest of the week - and the beginning of the following one!   

This level of freedom requires systems in place to support it, and so we will ask you to follow certain procedures to stay organised. This is also what ensures that we can supply a record of internship to all successful interns. Consisting of month-by-month reflective accounts supported by timesheets, it is perfect for showing off your experience to prospective employers, and what a great way to answer "What did you learn?" and "What did you do?" questions.

Having said that, please don't think you are going to have an easy time. The purpose of the internship program is to combine the professional and personal development of the interns with the business needs of CCK. Both interns and CCK should benefit to the greatest possible extent from the relationship, and we will ensure that we both do.

CCK Internship Policy provides the guidelines for both our own team and interns.

We are committed to your development and will put in our time into it - you can expect around 20% of your time to be directly devoted to mentoring, and we will match any hours you put into that. There is face time with founders / directors, and a professional coach / lecturer has the overall supervision of our internship programme and will conduct your monthly reviews (even if not working directly with you).

Our internships are unpaid, however, we will cover your expenses to ensure you are not out of pocket. If opting for a 15-hr a week placement, you may also be eligible for certain benefits, such as Job Seeker's Allowance.

CCK typically takes on interns for periods of two to sixth months as required, for the summer, autumn, spring and winter internships. However, if an exceptional candidate comes along, we are prepared to start a placement at any time of the year.

Our internship opportunities are advertised through our newsletter, main graduate websites and the Opportunities section (feel free to check it out).

Successful candidates will be offered internships subject to eligibility (see below), and acceptance of the Internship Policy and the Engagement Agreement (and references if requested).

Those who conduct themselves well - whether by successfully finishing the placement, or terminating in a professional fashion (like Jenni) - also get references, and shiny online profiles to direct prospective employers to (in addition to the internship record, as mentioned above).

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