CCK pronounced "symbolic"

cck pr timeline 2009 skintwoyearbookSeptember
The Skin Two Year Book, the "Bible" of the kinky world, rounds up the story of CCK to date and our "symbolic value, which is significant beyond the establishment itself". It proceeds to explore the concept of collective identity, CCK's function as "a community centre", and "a very special social space that connected cutting-edge erotic culture with day-to-day functionality and community 'outreach' activities where people made important discoveries about themselves and life. CCK was a "world that was embracing and went beyond mere 'tolerance', to acceptance. A world that was life-affirming and expansive and, to some, transformative".

CCK Socials

cck pr timeline 2009 ccksocials6 February
Maxine, aka Chaos Bunny, starts CCK Socials, monthly meetings at various London coffee venues for CCK customers to hang out - good fun, and a way to keep in touch with all the friends made over the years at Coffee, Cake & Kink. These continue throughout 2010 and 2011, until the Bunny takes a well-earned break (and CCK Socials just wouldn't be the same without her!).

Busman's Holiday

cck pr timeline 2009 usaFebruary-March
We travel North America, at long last putting faces to names and visiting our long-term suppliers and partners. We have a lovely time in Canada, appreciating the "Wet Spots" and kinky Toronto. We have fun in New York, and are inspired enought to write our own CCK NY Guide. In San Francisco, we are offered new premises for CCK on the evening of our arrival (we politely decline, figuring London needs us more). Verve coffee roasters in Santa Cruz give us a roastery tour and our first demo of syphon coffee-making (two years before it arrives in London). Travelling around California, we visit Cleis Press in SF, spend a lovely afternoon with Olivia, an iconic pin-up artist, watching a naughty version of the Cadbury bunny emerge under her paintbrush in her Malibu studio. (It is later deemed "too saucy" to be used as a new chocolate icon.) JP Stockroom in LA knock us off our feet with their hospitality, and a 2am factory tour where we learn all about their toys and leather goods (and have an unforgettable Saturday night!).