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  • CCK Timeline 2018

    Happy New Year! Let's see what it brings ;)

  • CCK Timeline 2017

    Coffee, Cake & Kink events ramp up at Coffee, Cake & Kisses.

  • CCK Timeline 2016

    Coffee, Cake & Kink at the 1st Global Sexuality & Spirituality Conference in Oxford and more.

  • CCK Timeline 2015

    There are now two: Coffee, Cake & Kisses arrives onto the high street / Coffee, Cake & Kink continues its work.

  • CCK Timeline 2014

    We hold a 10-year community consultation and establish focus for upcoming years.

  • CCK Timeline 2013

    cck cupcakeWe kick off with a sugar rush, developing our Masterchefs collaborations, baking giant Coffee, Cake & Kink cupcakes at Cake International (the largest event of its kind in the world) and burning off calories pounding the streets of London to find those new premises!

  • CCK Timeline 2012

    Another people-focused year, when we keep busy putting in place and testing out our "gold standard" internship program, and give young people a head start on their career paths (350 apply).

  • CCK Timeline 2011

    After a couple of years off the high street, we miss our customers and fans and open our office to public parties, and well as make a couple of appearances in support of Polyday and other community events.

  • CCK Timeline 2010

    cck pr timeline 2010 selcck pr timeline 2010 fjf

    A busy one! We are approved as an "employer of choice" for participation in DWP's Future Jobs Fund and get an official stamp of approval to provide jobs and training to over 20 long-term unemployed.


  • CCK Timeline 2009

    cck pr timeline 2009 ccksocialsWe take a well-deserved rest (kind of)! We travel around North America visiting our supplies and developing new collaborations. In the meantime, in London, our customers take over the office and pack orders for our online shop. Under their own steam they also set up CCK meet-ups to keep them going while we are away. 

  • CCK Timeline 2008

    We receive recognition from all quarters, from Business Link to Chicago's Leather Museum, campaign and work with rape charities, and have a busy year all-round. Ironically, it's also when we move out of our first premises, after 5 years in Covent Garden.

  • CCK Timeline 2007

    cck pr timeline 2007 mayoroflondoncck pr timeline 2007 ldaThe Mayor likes us :) As does London Development Agency :) As does Radio 4 :) Out of a sudden - or might it be years of networking and prejudice-busting? - we help develop all sorts of local government programs and debate EU proposals live on air with the CEO of the British Hospitality Association. Not bad for the little kinky us!

  • CCK Timeline 2006

    We stick our neck out and truly test our powers at balancing the kinky and the mainstream with one of the most controversial exhibitions in London in the last decade. All staff get extra NVQs and training ... and never get to use their conflict handling courses as all works out beautifully :)

  • CCK Timeline 2005

    cck pr timeline 2005 thelawyerWcck pr timeline 2005 barbicane collaborate with the Barbican, get a star review from a top restaurant critic and shake things up a bit proving that sexuality and spirituality *can* mix (the Bible comes to live on premises alongside all the kinkiness, thus busting another stereotype).

  • CCK Timeline 2004

    We are pronounced "a trend setter" by The Future Laboratory, a global trends consultancy, start academic collaborations and get a big golden cock (otherwise known as an "Erotic Award for Innovation").

  • CCK Timeline 2003

    cck pr timeline 2008 cck1closes


    We open our door! Enough said, really. Spare a thought for the poor innocents not knowing what they are letting themselves into...

    We have no idea how we are going to do what we want to do but make up with (coffee) bags of enthusiasm (and lots of caffeine and sugar to keep us going!)