Congratulations Rubyyy!

The lucky winner of last month’s Kinky Review Raffle was Rubyyy Jones!

Rubyyy Jones opening her prize.

Rubyyy Jones opening her prize

Rubyyy joined us at Kinky HQ yesterday to receive her prize, and enjoy some coffee and cake too! Since Rubyyy is such a HUGE fan of sex toys, we decided to give her this HUGE sex toy!

Rubyyy Jones and HUGE prize

Rubyyy also brought along a date, and we all had a good old natter, with a lot of jokes about giant sex toys and needing lots of lube. Luckily, we do sell lube by the litre, so we weren’t in short supply!
But we’re not always all about the kink here at CCK, so we also offered Rubyyy her choice of our wonderful FYI chocolates, which come in 13 different flavours! Check out our full chocolate range here.

Get writing now and you could be this month’s winner! Just fill in the simple form here and we’ll enter you in our Kinky Raffle. You never know what you might win!

To read Rubyyy’s winning review Click Here.
We’ll be putting up more images of our fun encounter with Rubyyy and her poor, unsuspecting date, on Facebook. So make sure you check them out!