Fancy a massage?

Fancy a massage?

Recieving a massage from your partner is always an enjoyable experience.  So why not take it one step further and introduce a bit of heat with these luxury massage candles? Prolong the enjoyment and heighten the senses with pure essential oils for the mind and nose, and warm, silky wax for the body and libido.  

Just light the wick, wait for the wax to melt and gently pour onto the skin. The great thing about these massage candles is that with a low melting point, the wax won't burn and you can just lie back, relax and enjoy the sensations.

There are three Lelo candles available in our webshop, in different scents - Snow Pear and Cedarwood,Vanilla and Crème de Cacao and Black Pepper and Pomegranate. With a classic, simple design, these deliciously scented candles certainly won't look out of place in your bedroom.






Just set the scene with a candlelit boudoir, and the offer of a sensual massage that will get things hot. We recommend that you don't leave the candle burning for more than 30 minutes to avoid it getting too hot.