Olivia De Berardinis - the artist and her art

Olivia De Berardinis - the artist and her art

Olivia De Berardinis has been a highly-sought-after and well-respected artist for over 30 years. Famed for her pictures of vamps, cheesecake, Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese and her erotic art, she is a painter of delightful, light-hearted pin-ups. For us, a delightful lady in her own right.

We have worked with Olivia since 2004, when we became her only European importer, retailing exclusive Olivia cards, books, calendars and other merchandise. Many fun conversations have been had in that time, and many transatlantic laughs.

So it came as no surprise when one day in spring 2009 we found ourselves amidst Malibu hills, on our way to meet Olivia and Joel as part of our busman's holidays. We were driving down the US1 from San Franciso (where we had met the lovely people at Cleis Press) to LA (just in time for a midnight tour of JT's Stockroom), and some coffee and cheesecake at Olivia's were perfect to refuel and see the lady and her art.

Turing one corner after another, amidst rather glamorous villas, we arrived at a blossom-covered gate and were greeted by Joel, Olivia's partner in business and in life. The lady, we were told, was painting, and was not to be disturbed for now. In the meantime, we met the dogs, and shared a drink and enjoyed an inspiring collection of pin-up and erotica...

Then it was time to meet Olivia... From the labyrinth of flowery paths we entered a tall, oval studio, all glass and sun and light. We straight away saw how it all translates onto Olivia's art - all the lightness and pinks and blooms, the artist's imagination and her home combined. Or maybe the lady's cheerful, sunny inside reflecting outwards and shining through her art?

On the easle, a brand new painting - a sexy version of Cadbury's Bunny, freshly commissioned as part of the brand's re-vamp. We felt privileged to see it in the process of creation, wet paint and pencil lines (even if, in the end, it turned out to be too sexy for the purpose;)... A lovely afternoon followed, as did indeed coffee, cheesecake and - but of course - kink.

If you are a fan of beautiful women in beautiful poses, drawn and painted by an artist who is at the top of her game, Olivia De Berardinis' work is for you. With our range of stock, you can send that special someone a card, luxuriate in one of Olivia's stunning books or even wear her designs on a fab T-shirt.