The GEEK. We needed to have all structures set up and ready for the Future Jobs Team to join us, so David was one of the first ones to start with us, setting up all the IT systems for us. He was also one of the last ones to leave, volunteering long after the end of his employment with us and coming up with various wonderful bits of kit.

More about my experience at CCK, and the Future Jobs Programme, here.

Questions we asked:

What attracted you to Coffee, Cake & Kink? (Why CCK?)

Used to visit the café in Endell Street

Questions we asked Future Jobs Fund people:

How did you find the recruitment process compared to previous experiences?

Pleasant and thorough.

How has working with us helped your confidence?

It was great to work with such a diverse bunch of people, and also Phil, a fellow CCK geek.

How has it helped develop your work skills?

I started earlier than others to help put the systems in place, as we would have been lost without them. I did some programming I had not done before and developed new custom solutions to support all the flexi- and home-working!

How have you developed personally, socially etc. while working at Coffee, Cake & Kink?

Unsure, although given improvement in confidence it probably has done.