French Press Tips

French Press Tips

There has never been a better time to be a coffee lover. As experts in all things coffee, we at CCK have noticed a revolution in the number of new types of beans and processes that have become available on the market in recent times.

From espresso, French press and percolator to drip and vacuum press; single origins like Ethiopian and Columbian; there is a whole world of choice for drinkers to immerse themselves in.

As a little introduction to all things coffee, here's an article from CCK's own Alana, who describes our French press coffee processes:

We serve our coffee in the French press, which is fast becoming the world's most popular coffee-making method. It is also one of the most challenging and unforgiving ones.

Professional cuppers use the French press to brew coffee samples they're going to judge. With no milk, additives or syrups to disguise any potential flaws, only the very best beans are good enough. So that's what we buy.

At CCK, we are devoted to bringing you a truly unique coffee experience. We make sure our equipment is in working order. We heat up the kettle and the right amount of coarsely ground beans.

Just off the boil, we gently pour hot water down the side of the pot and allow the bloom to take shape. The bloom is a sign of freshly roasted coffee. It is the CO2 gas, trapped in the bean during roasting, that gives the coffee pot a good head while it is escaping.

We add more water and gently stir the grinds to let the aromatic oils blend well. We then place the plunger/filter lid on and bring the press to the table for you to enjoy.

The longer you wait before you plunge, the stronger your coffee is going to be. It is best left for a couple of minutes before pouring into our sexy large cups.

Some useful tips there, but there are some who would champion espresso coffee over French press. What's your opinion? We would love to hear what you think on the subject, so feel free to post your comments to us!